1613 Mahzor
Mahzor mi-kol ha-shanah ke-sidrah / ke-minhag Ashkenaz ve-lo’az
Prague: Moses ben Joseph Bezalel Katz, 1613
2°, 172, 136 (recte 134) fols., 322 x 192 (HAB)

Mahzor, part I and II, after editionPrague, 1606, according to the rite of the Ashkenaz and “lo’az”. Third enlarged edition according to the title text. Also in 1613, another edition of the Mahzor was published, according to the Bohemian, Polish and German rite.

Part I finished on Thursday, parashah “Ve-samu et shemi al bne Yisra’el va-ani avarkhem”.

colophon I, 172b: explicit and colophons of the printer Moses Katz and of the compositor, Yekutiel son of the martyr David, called Zalman Setzer.

T: printed in Hebrew square type, commentary in Rashi, regularly in one column with the commentary in the outer margins and at the bottom. As opposed to the previous editions, the first quire of the first part containing the prayers for shaharit printed in two columns and with a small type,

composition of quires: JTSA I/1-11,6; 12-13,4, 14-22,6, 23,5 (?), 24,5 (?), 25-27,6, 28,2, 28bis-29,6, 30,5 = 169 fols.

HAB I/1-11,6, 12-13,4, 14-20,6, 21,4, 20bis,2, 22,6, 23-24,4, 25-27,6, 28,2, 28bis-29,6, 30,4 = 172;

HAB II/1-5,6, 6,8, 7,6, 8,4, 9-12,6, 13,8, 14-22,6 = 134 fols.

signatures in the first half of the quire in Hebrew and Arabic numerals, often minor mistakes

foliation: HAB II/[1]-41, [1], 43-77, [2], 78-88, 59 (recte 89), 90-100, 100bis, 101, 103-126, 131, 131bis, 134, 134bis, 135-136 (mistakes: 66 as 60, 120 as 100)

D: I/TP emblem of Prague Old Town with Hebrew caption Hotam ir Prag, first used in the 1522 edition of the Mahzor. Framed with small typographic ornaments. TP verso: border with the portrait and the printer’s device of Mordecai Katz from 1569

I/172b device of the Gersonite printing house: scrollwork cartouche supported by two angels and text mishpahat gershuni and keter kehuna.

I/10a woodcut opening word ha-melekh (winding ribbon)

I/76b-77a ha-melekh dtto + opening word flanked with fleur de lis motifs and framed

/156b scrollwork cartouche for the opening word divre 42 x70 mm

I/163b-166a small woodcuts with symbols of zodiac set in their seasonal pictorial context

II/1a Renaissance border with fantastic figures (first in 1578 Gur aryeh)

II/100a border with the portrait and the printer’s device of Mordecai Katz from 1569, cracked at the bottom

II/99b ligature ha-el in woodcut (winding ribbon)

woodblock for opening words, eg. ahalela, I/56b as in Mahzor 1585-86?


C: JTSA missing fols. 1 a 19, JTSA: part I, fols. 8,6 19,6 and 22,2 (fols. 50, 112, 126 ) – both sides blank, 123-129 and 126 blank without commentary, signatures or catchwords (only foliation and heading); HAB complete copy in original binding (wooden boards, full leather cover, white leather,, blind tooling with ornamental and figural motifs, originally with two clasps (only one preserved, on leather strap), 340 x 210 mm; between II/100 a 100bis inserted an invitation for a berit (?), 97 x 205 mm, ca 17th century; BoL Opp.fol.1204; JMP sg. 65.511: hybrid copy, part I from the first and part II from the second named edition are bound.


B: Steinschneider CLH, I, 2471; BHB 306668  (cf. BHB 30669)