1529 Mahzor
Mahzor Helek ha-Sheni
Prague: Gershom b. Solomon ha-Kohen with his sons Mordecai and Solomon, completed on 24 Heshvan [5]230 / 27 October 1529
2°, [1–10]8 [11]10 [12–13]8 [14]10 [15–16]8 [17]4 = [136] fols., 284×190 mm (BoL)

Holiday prayers for Arba parashiyyot, Hanukkah, Purim, Shabbat ha-gadol, Pesah and Shavuot. Title according to the title text.

D: [1a] TP symbol of POT with two Bohemian lions and mantling along the sides, 95×68 mm (as in /14/); [2a] figural border from Severin’s workshop with putti sitting and standing in the branches of a tree, at the upper margin in the middle bathing in a round bath, at the bottom two mermaids hold a shield with the symbol of POT, WWL, 264×172 mm – an adaptation of the theme of the title border from Severin’s Czech Bible, Prague 1529, K01098; [18b], [102a] figural border with Adam and Eve and Samson and Judith, 270×172 mm (as in /12/); [35a] man in a cap pointing to the moon, 65×30 mm (as in /12/); [50b] architectural and figural frame with David and Goliath, below judgement of Solomon, 268×170 mm (as in /12/).

B: Zunz 9; Steinschneider 2447; Vinograd 14; BHB 172345.

C:  BL; BoL; fragment JMP genizah Holešov; JTSA: defective.


an>, no. 81 in ed. 1529) until shaharit of Yom kipur (after Eikhakha eftze, no. 97). The numbering is for the most part cropped, Yeratze tzomis numbered here and in the 1529 edition as no.95, inthe 1535 edition as no. 96.


D: decorated woodcut letters on vegetal background used as initials (alef, mem, tav) as in |1|.

B: 0.

C: JMP Prague genizah Holešov, inv. no. 178.825 unicum.

N: dating according to typography and watermark; woodcut letters as in |1|, square text type as in |3|; similar watermarks with bull’s head, cross, flower and the letters ZP found for the years 1509–1512 (Identification by Karel Boldan: Piccard II, 447, no. XVI; Wasserzeichensammlung Piccard 69191–69200 see http://www.wasserzeichen-online.de/wzis/struktur.php?po=69191 and the other. However, all these bulls have their horns turned outwards.).