c.1512-1515 (1522?) Selihot
Penitential Prayers / Selihot
fragment [Prague, c.1512–1515 (1522?)]
2°, [8] fols. preserved, 265×185 mm

Penitential prayers (selihot) for the whole year according to the rite of Bohemia, Moravia and Hungary (the Eastern Ashkenazic rite), evidently a first edition, the order of prayers is identical with the 1529 edition. A fragment of one quire bound with two other Prague Hebrew editions /15 and 18/ found in the genizah of the Holešov synagogue. The surviving part of the selihot for the fourth day of the Ten Days of Repentance (from Ezrakhi me-ever ha-nahar, no. 81 in ed. 1529) until shaharit of Yom kipur (after Eikhakha eftze, no. 97). The numbering is for the most part cropped, Yeratze tzom is numbered here and in the 1529 edition as no.95, in the 1535 edition as no. 96.

D: decorated woodcut letters on vegetal background used as initials (alef, mem, tav) as in |1|.

B: 0.

C: JMP Prague genizah Holešov, inv. no. 178.825 unicum.

N: dating according to typography and watermark; woodcut letters as in |1|, square text type as in |3|; similar watermarks with bull’s head, cross, flower and the letters ZP found for the years 1509–1512 (Identification by Karel Boldan: Piccard II, 447, no. XVI; Wasserzeichensammlung Piccard 69191–69200 see http://www.wasserzeichen-online.de/wzis/struktur.php?po=69191 and the other. However, all these bulls have their horns turned outwards.).