1530 Humash
Pentateuch, Weekly Portions from the Prophets, Five Festive Scrolls / Hamisha Humshe Torah, Haftarot, Megillot
Prague: Gershom b. Solomon ha-Kohen with his sons Mordecai and Solomon, completed on 15 Kislev 5291 / 5 December 1530
2°, 1–188 18bis–328 3310 = [274] (JMP), [275] fols. (BoL), 365×260 mm (JMP)

Bible. Pentateuch, weekly portions from the Prophets and five festive scrolls. With Rashi comentary. Second edition (1st edition see |4|). In the colophon as hamisha humshe torah (five fifths of the Torah).
D: [1b] Genesis, [58b] Exodus three-part architectural frame (see no. 4) in the middle shortened lengthways (state B); above in the middle two angels hold a shield with the Gersonides printer’s device, under it the monogram M (state B); above a scrollwork strip, WWL; in the shield below in Genesis the imprint, in Exodus left blank; lower strip 42×197 mm, columns 243×36 mm, woodblock with printer’s device 122×83 mm, strip above 9×122 mm, altogether 290×197 mm; [110b] Leviticus Severin’s page frame: at the upper margin a woodcut piece with a cherub flanked by two recumbent putti, the right one with a skull, 21×208 mm in the frame; along the sides columns, 250×42 mm; at the bottom the base of the columns with lions’ heads, along the sides putti playing on musical instruments, 28×208 mm, the whole frame 305×208 mm; [145a] Numbers three-part architectural frame in the middle shortened lengthways (state B); [189b] Deuteronomy three-part architectural frame in the middle shortened lengthways (state B), inserted above a woodblock with a festoon and flowers, a Gothic rib vault, the remainder of the woodblock erased, (state B), 70×126 mm, woodcut letters as in /12/, but with the background removed; [274a] figural border as in /15/ with putti in the branches of a tree and in a round bath, below two mermaids with the symbol of POT, WWL, 263×172 mm on the outside, a rhymed explicit inside; [274b] symbol of POT with two Bohemian lions and mantling along the sides as in /14/, 95×68 mm, surrounded by a Hebrew quotation from Isaiah 40:29, under it the names of the printers, two strips with vegetal scrollwork (flanking the emblem of POT), WWL, 120×9 mm; cBoL Opp. fol. 44 at the beginning of the volume and upside down with the title woodcut of Severin’s Bible 1529, the verso side of the page blank, originally perhaps placed rather at the end as fol. [275a]: border with vine shoots, composed into it above putti playing on a kettledrum and six trombones, on the left putti and cherubs playing on wind and percussion instruments, on the right putti carrying the instruments of Christ’s Passion and below cherubs and putti drawing a carriage with a king and carrying New Testament symbols in procession, the Evangelium, the Lamb, a cage with a dove and a cross; the composition frames an inscription panel borne by two angels and the emblem of POT dated 1527; 275×172 mm in a double frame; a four-part text frame with birds and scrollwork, in several variants, variously compiled, WWL (as in |4|), c.43×66 mm, e.g. [104a]; single-piece figural and zoomorphic text frames, WWL: with Adam and Eve and undetermined animals, 43×64 mm [17a]; with putti and basilisk, 43×65 mm [73a]; by a different woodcutter: with a monkey, a trumpeting bear and a pomegranate, 43×77 mm [117b].

B: Zunz 11; Steinschneider 64; Freimann 56; Vinograd 16; BHB 308633.

C:  BL parchment, BoL parchment, JMP paper.