c.1540 Shehitot u-bedikot
Jacob ben Judah Weil (c.1390 – 1453), Shehitot u-Bedikot
Prague: Moses b. Gershom ha-Kohen, c.1540
4°, [1]4 = [4] fols., illustrations, 182×140 mm
Halakha, regulations for ritual slaughter.
D: 1b, 2a-2b small illustrations to the tex .
B: Zunz 19 (s.a., dated after the Mahzor 1549–50); Steinschneider 5631/10; Vinograd 27 (1549); BHB 201917 (c.1530).
C: BoL (3 copies).
N: Moses is documented for the first time as printer in 1534; his father Gershom, who is mentioned in the colophon as being alive, died between March 1544 and November 1545. We date the edition to approximately the middle of this time range and roughly as the preceding Orah Hayyim, the first Prague publication known to us of other than liturgical content.